Dental Extractions

The need to remove a tooth is a decision that most dentists would prefer to avoid, but nevertheless will likely be recommended to most of us at one time or another. When this need arises, it is comforting to know that this can be accomplished comfortably and efficiently by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon who can choose a suitable anaesthetic technique to suit the patient and procedure required.

  • Dental caries (decay) which cannot be reliably restored or where endodontic (root canal treatment) is not an option
  • Periodontal disease where the bone and gum tissue health has deteriorated and is likely to worsen
  • Infection which has not or is unlikely to resolve by maintaining the tooth
  • Dental trauma or fracture of the tooth or jaw where the tooth cannot be restored or maintained
  • Dental crowding where removal of one or more teeth will help with the alignment and long term health of the dentition
  • Impacted teeth which may contribute to periodontal or oral hygiene problems, damage to adjacent teeth, infection, and the development of jaw cysts
  • Delayed permanent tooth eruption and/or the delayed loss (exfoliation) of primary (baby) teeth

In many situations it is desirable to replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant. Extractions using techniques meant to preserve the surrounding bone as much as possible. In some situations, we may also recommend the grafting of bone chips or shavings within the socket in order to improve the bone volume and suitability of the site for the future implant.

I had the most amazing and comfortable experience.

I had a tooth extraction on December 18th. That was my first experience with Kanata oral surgery team. Based on my past experiences (at different places) I expected a difficult experience. However, I had the most amazing and comfortable experience. Not just on the day of but during the ensuing week after that and now. The moment you enter the office, you see a comforting environment, as well as caring and professional people at every task. I found the surgeon herself very kind, understanding and knowledgeable. Her skills came through my post op. experience of a very smooth and speedy recovery. Thanks again Dr. Valiquette and team!