NEW Covid 19 Clinic Process

Due to Covid 19, we are doing things differently at Kanata Oral Surgery in order to comply with the new regulations set out by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.  We are taking the utmost care to limit the number of appointments that you will need for your surgical care and protect you, your family and our staff with the care we take for your visit.  We are trying our best to determine when you will require an in-person consultation prior to your surgery and when we can accommodate a single visit for meeting with you and providing your surgical care.   This will depend on the procedure you need, your medical history and your comfort.  

Preparing for you!

Your dentist will send us a referral with the procedure or reason for our expertise.  If you do not have a dentist then we may still be able to help, but please contact our office for more information.  We ask that your dental office send over the most current dental x-rays and or pictures on file.  Dr. Valiquette will review the referral, assess the x-ray and get a treatment plan in place.  One of our office administrators will then contact you and review the treatment plan with you over the phone and answer any questions you may have.  Sometimes an in-person assessment, further radiographs or medical information will be required for your care prior to the procedure.  A phone consultation is another option if you have questions regarding the plan or if there are risks from the review that need to be discussed.  We will send you the following paperwork, prior to your surgery, through email if possible.

1.     Treatment plan estimate. 

If you have any dental insurance information, we are more then happy to send a predetermination to your insurance company for you.

2.     The medical history forms.

Please fill out the medical history form and either scan it back to us, prior to your surgery, or bring it with you when you come for your appointment.

3.     The sedation forms.

This outlines the pre-operative instructions for sedation.  The most important, that you need to be fasting for 8 hours prior to your surgery and that you need to have a drive home that day.  

4.     The extraction forms.

This will give you an idea on what to expect during your surgery.  We will also send you a link to watch on our website that outlines the extraction process and you can access the videos under the procedures on this website.

Your appointment is ready to go

Once your appointment is scheduled, if you have any questions before coming in, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We are here to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.  

One of our office administrators will call you prior to your appointment to confirm that the appointment time and date still work for you.  We will also go over a list of mandated Covid 19 screening questions on the phone with you to ensure that all guidelines have been met before you come into the office.   We ask that you give us at least 1 week notice if you need to electively change your appointment.

The day of your procedure is finally here!

Here are important things to remember for us to care for you the best and to follow the new Guidelines1- Please arrive on time!  We have paperwork to complete and COVID checklists to go over and we want to make sure you are checked in with plenty of time before we need you for set-up.  
2- We ask that you have a drop-off plan or only 1-person to accompany you for check-in.  Unfortunately, they will not be able to stay in our waiting room while you have your procedure, but our team will get their contact information and call them as soon as you are recovering to best estimate pick up time and instructions for going home.  It is important that your escort is available for this call and to return to the office when needed so that we can coordinate the best discharge to home plan.  
3-Our friendly nurses will bring you back to one of our treatment rooms where a pre-op assessment and consultation will be done and you will have the chance to let us know if you have any questions or anything that would make you more comfortable for your care.  We ask that you wear your mask until we are ready for set-up in the room.

Let us take care of you

We will provide your procedure with the greatest care and techniques for the best results.  Trust in our caring and skilled team of nurses, dental assistants and administrators for your oral surgical experience.  We want you to feel cared for in every way!

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