Surgical Exposure of Teeth

Not all impacted teeth will require extraction and for some patients we may recommend that they continue to be observed or be surgically exposed. Exposure of teeth may help them to erupt into their proper position or to make them easier to look after. Maxillary cuspid teeth are the most common teeth to require this intervention. In these cases, we will surgically expose the crown of the impacted tooth. In many instances, it may also be necessary to guide the angled tooth to its proper position, and for these teeth, we will bond an orthodontic attachment to it. The orthodontist will then be able to advance the tooth into its proper position over the next few months.

Dr. Valiquette and her staff, took such great care of my daughter during her visit.

They explained step by step what will be happening during the procedure and made us both feel relaxed. Dr. Valiquette is amazing at what she does.